Restoring you at a home away from home


Ralia Retreats Welcomes You

Step 1: Tell us about yourself.

A large part of staying at Ralia Retreats is the individualization of your rejuvination experience. Please take a moment to fill in a short survey about yourself.

What do we do with this information?

  1. The fitness information is used to make any fitness component of the retreat work for you and to estimate how much energy you need at your meals if you order food from us. We aren't exactly making you a nutrition plan but we will be more precise with our offerings.
  2. Special diets are as important for us as they are for you. If you order food from us our goal is to energize you. Therefore please leave no detail out. Elaborate on all your special needs and why you have the special need (write us a paragraph or two if needed). We use this information to feed you food that you can actually eat and digest worry-free.
  3. Goals is hopefully self-explanatory. When you tell us your goals for the retreat, you give us the opportunity to help you not only meet your goals but to surpass them too!
Please describe your exercise routine in the past month. Include details of daily exercise you get at home or at work doing usual tasks. Include any injuries you have.
Are you allergic, intolerant, or not eating a food? Please let us know. Please indicate if you have a medical condition that impacts your diet.
Please let us know what you hope to receive during your stay at Ralia Retreats. Do you have some goals, objectives, or wishes (name it!)?
Future retreats
What types of retreats interest you in the future?

Step 2: Get directions to Ralia Retreats in St-Donat.

239 chemin du lac de la montagne noire, st-donat, qc, j0t 2c0

Situated approximately 1 hour north of the island of Montreal. The most direct route is via highway 15 north until Exit 89 for Saint-Donat and highway 329 north. Plan to drive 15 minutes or more along highway 329 until just passed the territory line into the Saint-Donat area. You will get to the road for Ralia Retreats well before you come to the main part of Saint-Donat. Turn off of highway 329 onto chemin du Lac de la Montagne Noire. **Do not make the mistake of taking the same road in the town of Lantier, check that you are in Saint-Donat territory** Once you are on chemin du Lac de la Montagne Noire it is another 2 minutes until you arrive at the big red numbers 239. Descend into the parking area at the back of the house.


Ch. du Lac de la Montagne Noire

Look for the big red numbers on the side of the street level shed.

why retreat at ralia?

For those looking for a weekend away from it all, a place to hold a business gathering, or a place to host a fitness focused group we invite you to try it in style. Ralia has everything you need to have the perfect weekend - luxury accomodations, energizing food, and a beautiful view.