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Prana Chia Seeds

Prana Organic Whole Black Chia Seeds

Are you trying to look for ways to increase the amount of omega-3 fat in your diet? Here is a product that will do the trick:

Prana's chia seeds originate from Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay and are rich in omega-3  (click here for a quick guide to healthy fats). They contain the highest quantity of omega-3 fat out of all other plant-based sources. These chia seeds are also a great source of fiber and protein as well as vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium.

Prana is a certified B corporation that practices sustainability. It ensures that its chia seeds are organic as well as GMO and gluten free. This is a good product as it can easily be found in many grocery stores. 

Prana also offers chia seeds containing probiotics which can help improve your digestive health (click here to learn more about probiotics). This is a great way to get a dose of both probiotics and omega-3!


How to take chia seeds?

You can add 1 teaspoon of the whole chia seeds to your cereal, yogurt, or salad to get a serving of omega-3! You can also grind them and add them to any beverage or smoothie. Grinding chia seeds may make nutrients such as omega-3 become more available and better absorbed in the body. For more information on grinding chia seeds on mega-3 absorption, click here.


Quick Tips

Choose black chia seeds instead of the white ones. Black chia seeds contain more antioxidants!

Store chia seeds in a cold dark area away from light and humidity. Whole chia seeds can be stored for 2 years whereas ground chia seeds can be stored for 1 year. 


Prana Chia Seeds can be easily found in many grocery stores. You can find both the original and probiotic versions of this product at Marché TAUIGA and Avril Supermarché Santé

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How much do they cost?

Price: $8.00 per bag of 300g ($0.08 per serving)