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Et Voilà Camelina Oil

Et Voilà Camelina Oil

Finding a healthy oil to cook with can be difficult. Et Voilà's camelina oil is a great product that is rich in omega-3 fat. (click here for a quick guide to choosing oils for cooking).

Camelina oil is an ideal oil to cook with because of its high smoke point of 475F. This means that camelina oil can be used for cooking at high temperatures without losing its nutrients and without becoming rancid. 

Et Voilà is made by a Quebec based company that provides organic, cold pressed camelina oil. Cold pressing means that the vitamin E content is not stripped away from high temperature processing. It is important that the cold pressed oil is organic because a non-organic cold pressed oil will have high levels of pesticides. This brand provides us with an organic camelina oil.  


Store oil in a dry, dark and cool area to prevent the oil from spoiling. This oil can last up to 24 moths if stored in this way. 

Where to find it?

This product can be easily found in several grocery stores such as IGAMétro, and Avril Supermarché Santé

Company website:

How much does it cost?

Price: $18.99 for one bottle of 500mL 

A 500mL bottle can last you up to 2 months if you are going to use it regularly for cooking meals.