Restoring you at a home away from home

Eat This For Performance & Pearle Nerenberg


Pearle Nerenberg is the founder and visionary of Ralia Retreats. In 2016, a few months before the birth of her second child, she toured what she thought would be a potential country home for her growing family. Upon entering into the home Pearle knew there was something exquisite about this place. The home was built by a single parisian family and had an instant homey feeling, yet felt luxurious and tranquil next to a quiet little lake. When she saw the yoga room and stood on the dock by the water her vision was born. This place was not just someone's home, nor was it someone's chalet, it was a retreat centre! This place is where people come to renew their purpose, to reset, relax and to get that much needed R&R. And, so Ralia Retreats came into existence.

RALIA is the combination of RA + LIA


RA is the name for the Eqyptian sun god. The sun being the energizing force in our lives.
LIA is known as the bearer of good news. Good news is all around us and LIA helps us see it.

RA and LIA have personal significance for Pearle as they are the beginnings of her children's names: Rachel & Liam.

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Pearle is also the owner and founder of Eat This for Performance, a nutrition inspiration company. Her focus and expertise evolves around matching energy eaten with energy needed to move. She brings energy to movement whether the task is climbing mountains or climbing stairs. She is a masters level sports dietitian and has over 10 years of experience consulting for a myriad of performance needs (work, weight, athletic, and more). She dreamed of having a place where her pupils could trial performance foods without stress. Ralia Retreats is that place.

About the Ralia Retreats concept. A place for R & R.

Ralia Retreats is a home away from home to renew us from our busy lives. It is a place to offer peace, health, and rejuvenation. Play, work, and enjoy life here. The Montreal location, situated on the border of Quebec's beautiful Laurentians and Lanaudiere regions, is the first location of many to come as R & R is an international retreat brand. Our brand is here to lift you up as you fulfill your passions and this is why our local community is the most important community to us. We would like our place to be your place too.

Ralia Retreats is on a mission to renew you and also to uplift the world as we support world causes. An organization that is loved and cherished by the founder of R & R is the Malala Fund. R & R is dedicated to supporting the Malala Fund through proceeds and mentorship. You can donate directly to the Malala Fund on her website And, by supporting the Ralia Retreats initiatives you are supporting the Malala Fund as well!