Restoring you at a home away from home

Elle Santé & Jennifer Nwankwo

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Jennifer Nwankwo is a highly skilled physiotherapist with a passion for life long learning. She is the "forever" student which makes her the very best teacher of functional strength you can find! Jennifer is the co-founder and owner of Nuvo Physio, a Montreal based physiotherapy clinic. Her passions extend especially to moms. She assists moms to-be who aim to maintain function and fitness through the pregnancy months. And she is able to guide moms in the delicate post-pregnancy period to come back to fitness or achieve a new level of fitness even better than before pregnancy! Jennifer is known for her clear explanations, firm approach, and gentle coaching.

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Jennifer makes you feel like family.

Jennifer is uniquely connected to Ralia Retreats through her work and through her family. In the fall of 2017, Jennifer gave a special treat of her massage and physiotherapy services to the retreat goers at the first retreat. She has been instrumental in creating that home away from home feeling at Ralia Retreats. Family and Ralia Retreats are a natural mix for Jennifer as her mom recently celebrated her 60th birthday in the warmth of Ralia!

About the Ralia Retreats concept. A place for R & R.

Ralia Retreats is a home away from home to renew us from our busy lives. It is a place to offer peace, health, and rejuvenation. Play, work, and enjoy life here. The Montreal location, situated on the border of Quebec's beautiful Laurentians and Lanaudiere regions, is the first location of many to come as R & R is an international retreat brand. Our brand is here to lift you up as you fulfill your passions and this is why our local community is the most important community to us. We would like our place to be your place too.

Ralia Retreats is on a mission to renew you and also to uplift the world as we support world causes. An organization that is loved and cherished by the founder of R & R is the Malala Fund. R & R is dedicated to supporting the Malala Fund through proceeds and mentorship. You can donate directly to the Malala Fund on her website And, by supporting the Ralia Retreats initiatives you are supporting the Malala Fund as well!