Restoring you at a home away from home

Injoy Business & Jennifer Jane Young

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Jennifer Jane Young has a special place in the heart of Ralia Retreats. She has been instrumental in organizing and evolving the joy and the passion that is R & R. At the core of the Ralia Retreats offer is an energizing wholesome meal that both teaches you through experience and sits in you just waiting for you to bust forth with the energy to take on your day. This is Jennifer's effect. A few minutes or hours after working through an experience with Jennifer you have a spark plug of passion to take on your next move in your business or life.

Jennifer Jane Young teaches the Art of Making Things Happen

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Jennifer holds a background in wellness and in business. She’s a certified Yogatherapist, a business coach and a visionary that has 7+ years of entrepreneurial experience under her yoga pants, running her own business and helping others start and grow theirs. She’s known for her natural ability to mentor and support people in bringing their visions to life. The common thread in everything she does is to inspire people to listen to their yearnings and not settle for anything less. Jennifer teaches people The art of making things happen in life & in business.

About the Ralia Retreats concept. A place for R & R.

Ralia Retreats is a home away from home to renew us from our busy lives. It is a place to offer peace, health, and rejuvenation. Play, work, and enjoy life here. The Montreal location, situated on the border of Quebec's beautiful Laurentians and Lanaudiere regions, is the first location of many to come as R & R is an international retreat brand. Our brand is here to lift you up as you fulfill your passions and this is why our local community is the most important community to us. We would like our place to be your place too.

Ralia Retreats is on a mission to renew you and also to uplift the world as we support world causes. An organization that is loved and cherished by the founder of R & R is the Malala Fund. R & R is dedicated to supporting the Malala Fund through proceeds and mentorship. You can donate directly to the Malala Fund on her website And, by supporting the Ralia Retreats initiatives you are supporting the Malala Fund as well!