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Quoi faire et ne pas faire pour augmenter sa masse maigre pendant la saison de hockey ?

De plus en plus de jeunes joueurs de hockey souhaitent être aussi affuté que possible. Je conseille toujours à mes clients de perdre ou gagner du poids au début du hors-saison, pour que ces changements n’affectent pas leurs performances. Mais je sais qu’en réalité le début de la saison est souvent le moment pour se remettre en forme. Voici donc une liste de choses à faire et à éviter pour répondre aux questions.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Lean During the Hockey Season

More and more young hockey players are concerned with getting as lean as possible. I always advise my clients that the best time to “lean out” or “bulk up” is at the beginning of the off-season when a body composition program will not affect performance. In reality, I know that the start of the hockey season is often used to get in shape. I have the top do’s and don’ts to share, if you’re wondering what to do.

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Top Level Sports Nutrition at Hockey Tournaments

Tournaments highlight the hockey season and allow a team to gel and become a champion team. Performing during a hockey tournament can have lasting effects. I still remember receiving an MVP award at a tournament in my youth! But be advised, if you want to play better than the competition these days you need to eat for performance. Here are the 4 keys to eating well during hockey tournaments.

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Top 5 Ways a Hockey Player can Keep Energy High During Busy Times

The school year and the hockey season are upon us so we are expecting hockey people to be busy people to say the least. Sports nutrition for your hockey players may not be your top priority. That is why this newsletter is short and to the point with a way for you to sneak in some good sports nutrition habits. Here are 4 simple ways you can keep your energy levels high for hockey during the busy times ahead.

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